Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ready for Summer...

This weekend, we bought a pool for the boys from Sam's. I wanted to get one for the summer, so we had something to do at the house (in the backyard) this summer without getting so hot. We rarely use our backyard each summer because of the heat. So, this year, we decided to do something about that!

We got the pool Friday night to be ready Saturday morning to set it up. Well, after a slow morning, we got out there around 10:30am. Now, the directions say "ready for water in 45 minutes". We worked on it for just a little over that - about 4 hours. We weren't actually setting up the pool that whole time. Our yard was not quite level, so we went to buy soil to lay out to level it. And with the help of both boys, things take a little longer than anticipated. These are a few pictures of the process from start on Saturday to swim on Sunday evening. We had our LIFE Group over tonight. After they were all gone, we put Brady to bed and let Cason have a little swim time. He was so excited!

Cason posing for the camera. He was already excited!

Starting to fill it up. The boys used it like a slip-n-slide.

First swim of the season!


Traci said...

Cool, this looks like lots of summer fun. Traci

Topanga said...

Pssst, it's me.... I sure wanted a pool today. I wish Chuck and I could hang out with the boys this summer. We'll have to plan something in the future.